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Assertive Humility: Emerging from the ego trap

Assertive Humility is a phrase coined by Stuart Taylor in his book of the same name that shares his recovery from Brain Cancer and outlines a model of emerging consciousness. Assertive Humility means having courageous, values-based thoughts and behaviours for the greater good.

The book explores the destructive role of ego through either over-caring about self (obsessions) or others (dependence) OR under-caring about self (neglect) or others (detachment).

Mostly this book is a wake up call – an opportunity to reflect on where you are now, where you’re going and whether you are happy with that trajectory. It raises some of the same questions Stuart faced and provides a framework for exploring the journey ahead. 

Stuart Taylor

About the Author

Stuart Taylor is a Partner at The Resilience Institute, a global organisation working with large corporations and government to sustainably liberate human performance. Following his military and corporate career, Stuart's fight with Brain Cancer led him to join the Institute and he leads the Australian practice.

Conference Speaking

Stuart Taylor is an energetic, empathic, interactive and dynamic keynote speaker having delivered to blue-chip conferences for around 10 years with consistently strong participant feedback.  Conference themes have included Assertive Humility, Resilience, Emotional Intelligence, Leadership, Staff Engagement, Sustainable High Performance Organisations.
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  • Assertive Humility - importance to senior leadership Stuart Taylor, 7 Mar 14. In my first blog, I introduced the concept of Assertive Humility. It is great to be back online after four action-packed months of conferences, summer holidays, exciting client work and team...
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...courageous values-based thoughts and 
behaviour for the greater good.


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